Solid State Power Amplifiers

Microwave and RF Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) are components used to reproduce signals with higher power, higher current, and higher voltages, and can also be thought of as circuits that convert direct current (DC) input into RF and microwave energy. These solid state rf power amplifier products were designed for electronic warfare, EMC, wireless communication, radar and radar jamming, medical power transmitters, high-energy imaging systems, scientific research and other fields. Our sspa amplifiers are engineered and produced to meet the most challenging performance requirements.

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Microwave Amplifiers

Microwave amplifier is a device for increasing the level of an input signal without introducing noticeable distortion in the signal waveform, its spectral composition and the ratio of a signal to noise at the input. The primary function for a microwave amplifier is to enhance the output power signal of a microwave device, usually by increasing the amplitude or height of the wave that directly relates to its power level. 

A microwave power amplifier module is a microwave device used to amplify radio frequency signals to high power levels. A microwave power amplifier is to increase the amplitude of the electrical signal, as quantified by the gain. Gain for a microwave amplifier refers to the ratio of output power to input power expressed in dB, specified at a given frequency, bias condition, and temperature in a 50Ω system.