RF Amplifiers

RF amplifier is a electronic device that converts a low power, low frequency signal into a larger power at higher frequency. RF amplifiers generate a completely new output signal based on the input. Generally, rf amplifier is applied to drive the antenna of a transmitter. 

Our rf amplifier module can cover a wide frequency band operating from a few MHz into the multi-GHz range with high power. These rf power amplifiers are suitable for a variety of applications including radar, jamming, communication to test and measurement.

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What is RF Power Amplifier?

RF power amplifier is an important part of various wireless transmitters. In the pre-stage circuit of the transmitter, the power of the radio frequency signal generated by the modulation oscillator circuit is very small, and it needs to go through a series of amplification, a buffer stage, an intermediate amplifier stage, and a final power amplifier stage to obtain sufficient RF power before it can be fed. Radiate to the antenna. In order to obtain a large enough radio frequency output power, a radio frequency power amplifier must be used. RF amplifiers can be divided into high-gain amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, and medium-high power amplifiers. The core of the amplifier circuit is the microwave transistor.

What factors affect the gain of the RF power amplifier´╝č

Fundamentally, it is determined by the design of the power tube, and different tube core structures determine its maximum gain. After the tube is determined, the gain is affected by the working conditions. For example: input and output matching circuit, load mismatch situation, die operating temperature. In addition, the working type of the power amplifier (Class A, AB, C) will also affect its gain.

What is the use of RF amplifier in radar?

Since the amplitude of the signal received by the electromagnetic wave through the antenna is very small, it needs to be amplified by a power amplifier to drive the lower-level circuit, such as a demodulation circuit, etc.

RF Power Amplifiers

RF power amplifier (rf pa) is a critical component in the transmit signal chain. The purpose of the RFpower amplifiers is to increase the power of the RF input signal. A rf amplifier circuit generally can be composed of the following parts: transistors, bias and stabilization circuits, and input and output matching circuits. Our RF power amplifier modules are classified as broadband amplifiers, narrowband amplifiers and pulsed amplifiers.